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How to grant loans and loans to foreclosures without a paycheck or self-employed even with an ongoing attachment

The turn has come for another very delicate type of financing: loans or loans to foreclosures without paychecks which are intended as self-employed workers even if we will also take care of subordinated ones. The matter in question is of considerable importance in particular in this historical period where, due to the not really happy global economic conditions, the foreclosures are gradually increasing including 2019.

A short and generic excursus: the loan to the foreclosed identifies a specific category: all those who have had in the past or currently have an ongoing attachment procedure. This can be experienced for various causes, but the effect is always the same: the “aggression” or legal detention of an asset owned by the debtor in order to be able to sell it in a public judicial auction and with the proceeds collected in this satisfy the credit of the creditor.

Right introduction, those who find themselves in such a situation ask themselves: is there and what credit means are available to the foreclosed? Is there a distinction between foreclosed people?

Is it possible to have a loan for foreclosures even with an ongoing foreclosure?


Let’s go step by step. First of all, who has been subjected to a seizure or has one in progress is automatically registered in one or more registers of the seized which vary according to the type of seized property. Since these are debts deriving from credit securities and/or loans, the name of the attachment is also sent to the main credit risk centers as a bad debtor or payer.

However, and despite this latter qualification, the distrained person also has specific instruments for obtaining financing. 

The differentiation in loans for foreclosures is in the first instance between subordinate and self-employment. The precarious is equated to the first type. So the treatment will be different based on the activity carried out. In this way, we will have loans to foreclosed subordinate workers to whom it is required to assign part of their remuneration, precisely 1/5 which can be raised to 2/5 in the event of delegation.

This is the only available way that a foreclosed employee has to get funding

This is the only available way that a foreclosed employee has to get funding

All this is, of course, to be excluded if the attachment, in exchange for being on a tangible or real estate property, aims precisely to attach a fifth of the salary, that is, in this case, the condition for having the loan in favor of a given ceases to exist foreclosed person.

The other hypothesis pertains to the attachment of any independent activity or to the loans to autonomous attachments. For these, one of the viable ways is represented by loans changed for foreclosures with all its own rules regarding the pledged policies, etc. and to which we refer interested parties on loans to foreclosed loans.

We conclude instead by recalling that, putting aside any category of insolvency, even loans to distrained persons can consent if there is the signing of a 3rd guarantor who, in fact, guarantees the distrained person in case of failure to fulfill the obligations assumed. All in principle with the legislation on third party subsidiary guarantees.


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